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Jenny's Love

Services & Rates

Jenny’s Love, is dedicated to providing the same kind of care you provide your pets, and we strive to treat them as if they were our own. We recognize that your pets are family members who deserve equal treatment, care and affection. That’s why no matter the size, age or number of pets you have, we won’t charge extra. Our rates are based on length of visit and the duties required to fulfill your expectations, not on nickels and dimes. Our focus is on providing superior quality care and ensuring you get a good value for that care.

Only $17.00 for each Service Extra added for distance or discount given if we already have  someone in your area.

Pet Sitting Services

Morning Pet Service 

Morning Walk - Play Time And Cuddle Time

20 - 30 Min 

Afternoon Pet Service

Afternoon or Late Day Walk - Feeding - Play Time - Cuddle Time

40 - 60 Min  

Night Time Pet Service

Outside potty time - Play time - Night time love and Cuddles

30 - 40 Min 

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Extras - Litter box cleaning - Fish taken Cleaning - All other Tanks or Cages.


Yard Clean Up during Pet Sitting

No Extra Charge For Multiple Animals

Dog Walking

10 - 15 Minute Walk 

Walk, Fresh Water, and Jenny Treat

20 - 30 Minute Walk

Walk, Fresh Water, Play Time,  and Jenny Treat

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 10-20 Let Outside to potty

 Fresh Water, Play Time, Cuddles and Jenny Treat

Trip to the DOG PARK... 

Lots of fun to run and play with other Dogs 40-60 minutes $50.00

Other Pet Services

Does Your Furry Baby Need a bath

Service can be provided at your location

$10.00 with pet sitting 

Does your furry baby need any special medicine that needs to be given during the day or when your away.

$20.00 for Medication only trip

$5.00 extra when you book dog walking or pet sitting

Do you have to work late or do you need an emergency last minute Pet Service.

$10.00 Extra When you book dog walking or pet sitting